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Edward Winter

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We have compiled lists, as comprehensive as possible, of books about (not by) Bobby Fischer and Garry Kasparov.


Kindle books by John Donaldson and Eric Tangborn (see C.N. 10732):

Another Kindle work (2015) is John Donaldson’s A Legend on the Road: Bobby Fischer’s 1964 Simultaneous Tour. It is roughly twice as large as the second edition of the hard-copy book (Milford, 2005).


Afterword: The lists of books in our collection (C.N. 3952) have been supplemented here by titles subsequently mentioned to us by Miquel Artigas (Sabadell, Spain), Michael Clapham (Ipswich, England), Calle Erlandsson (Lund, Sweden), Walter Faxon (Attleboro, MA, USA), Claes Lřfgren (Randers, Denmark), Karel Mokrý (Prostějov, Czech Republic), Richard Reich (Fitchburg, WI, USA), Hassan Roger Sadeghi (Lausanne, Switzerland), Eduardo Sandoval (Vińa del Mar, Chile), Juan Carlos Sanz Menéndez (Madrid), Michael Syngros (Amarousion, Greece), Ađalsteinn Thorarensen (Reykjavik), Olaf Wolna (Hamburg, Germany), Philip Wong (Wilmette, IL, USA) and Yakov Zusmanovich (Pleasanton, CA, USA). Items not in our collection are marked with an asterisk.

A number of little-known books on Kasparov were listed by Egbert Meissenburg in C.N. 1903.

In C.N. 10547 Sean Robinson (Tacoma, WA, USA) discussed The Chess Tutor: Elements of Combinations by L.H. Ault (New York, 1975), which is largely based on Fischer’s games.

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